Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Want That, Part One

Apropos of nothing, here are some things I want that I will probably never acquire.  Sigh. Being a materialist is such a disappointment. I don't have a Pinterest account, so this is where they will be immortalized.  Until next month when I find something else I dearly desire but cannot have.

Free People Sargeant wool coat  Can't find this anywhere in a larger size, so I'll never even know if it would fit.  Maybe it didn't come in a larger size. I have actually touched one, but it was an Extra Small.

Or this one, although I'd prefer a longer coat.  Never seen one "in the flesh".
Free People Military wool coat. 

If I can't have that one, I'd take this Alexander McQueen coat..

Completely impractical as a coat, but very smart-looking.
Newport News velvet coat.

Frye Veronica slouch boots  I love Frye boots.  But they are so expensive. 

These are cheaper and probably not bad boots.  But they are difficult to find in my size. 
Steve Madden 'Fairmont' boots.
I actually have a pair of these.  They're are very comfortable. Lucky Brand 'Sweet N Straight' cords  Sadly, I ripped the knee on the first wearing - I snagged a buckle on my boot on the trouser leg (no, the trouser leg did not get caught in my bicycle pump).  The style has been discontinued, so I'll probably just have to patch them and live with my misfortune..

Velvet frock waistcoat / sleeveless dress 
It's pretty.

Well, that's enough of that.  For now.