Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adventures in Adventureland, part deux

Back in Adventures in Adventureland, I stated my intention to write up our gaming sessions in my blog.  Clearly I have fallen down on the job, as we've played quite a few sessions without a single blog post from me chronicling our activities.  This post won't completely remedy that, but it's a stab in that direction.

The latest news is that we've added a sixth player.  Our party now consists of the following:
Tajah - aasimar oracle
Landon - dwarf alchemist / ranger
San'Kari - elf fighter
Silverleaf - elf cleric (me)
Thim - halfling ranger / rogue
Garrick - human inquisitor / monk

...and Grizzly, a sentient, talking worg.

We had previously discovered that someone called the Stag Lord was leading bands of humanoids to raid local farms and communities.  Then our stronghold at Oleg's Trading Post was attacked by lots of undead and some humanoids, and we learned that there was a necromancer named Nerisa (sp?) involved.  We've done what we can to get rid of a lot of the Stag Lord's followers, but the necromancer is clearly way out of our league, and we have no idea where she is anyway.

We also managed to clear some cursed bears out of the ruins of an old temple, so that a priest can re-establish it.  That has unfortunately made the priest a target for Nerisa's minions, who are trying to bring despair to the area by eliminating anything that could give the locals hope.   We managed to infiltrate a gathering of her followers (or at least, Garrick did) and learned of this, so in our last session we ambushed the party she sent to assassinate the priest.  Minotaurs are tough.

Unfortunately Nerisa is giving all her minions some kind of potion that mind-controls them, so it's a real challenge to get much information about her since people who are freed of the potion's effects don't remember anything they did while they were under its control.  But we have managed to discover (again thanks to Garrick's infiltration of their camp) that the Stag Lord is just a figurehead. 

When we have our next session we'll be fifth level.  I'm looking forward to that (third level spells, woohoo!), but it won't be until July.  Our GM is taking a break, and another GM will be running a sci fi campaign that I've chosen not to participate in.  I bowed out originally to have more time for other things and because I don't really like sci fi games.  But if someone started up another Pathfinder campaign, or D&D 3.5, or even Fantasy Hero, I'd probably be willing to give up my free time to play.  I'm a sucker for a fantasy game.

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