Saturday, July 13, 2013

When I Grow Up

What follows is my To-Do list for when I grow up.  I don't plan to ever grow up, but I will get older, hopefully, so I guess it's really for that.
When I grow up I will...

  Embrace change
  Try new tastes, new styles and new experiences
  Make new friends
  Visit new places
  Learn to use new technologies
  Keep only things I really need or love
  Exercise my body
  Exercise my mind
  Keep an open mind
  Remember that my generation was not better than today's generation

When I grow up, I will not...
  Wear 'granny pants'
  Keep things 'for a rainy day'
  Watch television all day
  Be afraid of my neighbors
  Constantly complain about my aches and pains
  Regret the things I never got to do



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