Saturday, October 8, 2016

[Pathfinder] Kingmaker #5

Session 57: January 17, 2016

After slaying the Black Sister, the group decided to check the residents of Oleg's Fort to determine if she had used her wand to charm anyone. Tahjah and Silverleaf cast detect magic and roamed the town, scanning everyone for signs of being enchanted. Landon drank a potion that gave him the scent ability of a bloodhound and searched for the woman's tracks. San'Kari and Garrick returned to the stable to check on Klutz again.

At the stable San'Kari and Garrick found that Klutz seemed confused. He thought San'Kari had died, and that he hadn't seen Garrick for several weeks. It also seemed that when he tried to say anything truthful, he lost some of his wits. As he was already rather slow-witted, they grew concerned that he would soon become completely mindless if they continued questioning him. Garrick went to talk to Svetlana, while San'Kari stood guard at the stable to prevent anyone from talking to Klutz.

Amaya assisted Tahjah and Silverleaf by drawing a crowd so they could scan many people at once. They found at least nine people who had been enchanted. They observed that the enchanted ones tended to be overly friendly to one another but ignored everyone else and sometimes gave nonsensical responses to conversation. These people also showed evidence that like Klutz, they suffered a loss of intelligence each time they attempted to respond truthfully to an inquiry.

Suddenly a woman approached Tahjah, saying something about "blackadder", and collapsed, dying at her feet. Tahjah and Silverleaf quickly took the woman inside, where Tahjah used a breath of life spell to revive her and neutralize poison to remove the blackadder poison from her body.

Kara and Amaya had also been on the lookout for people behaving strangely, and Kara had observed a woman with something black moving atop her head. This woman was accompanied by two other women, both armed.

At the stable, San'Kari had a strange feeling of being watched.

Garrick spoke to Svetlana, who was aware that perhaps a dozen people had fallen under the influence of the Black Sisters. She also told him of an area of about twelve miles near the Wyvernstone Bridge that had been tainted, where trollish creatures and approximately thirty armed people could be found. She believed that their enemies were guarding the area to prevent anyone from Galisat from entering.  She reported that sometimes Black Sisters had been seen near the bridge as well. She was also aware of the woman Kara had seen, who was another of the Black Sisters. She told Garrick that the people of Oleg's Fort would support whatever he chose to do, but she feared that if the heroes tried to take on the Black Sisters in town, many innocent people would die.

When the group met to share what they had learned, Landon wanted to take on the Black Sisters immediately. They questioned Melania, the young woman who had been poisoned, and she told them a local man had stabbed her with a poisoned knife, possibly under the influence of the Sisters. The person she described was not one of the people Silverleaf and Tahjah had observed.

The party discussed how to deal with the Sisters. They initially planned to attack the Sisters before they left town, as Svetlana had indicated the Sisters were not staying at the fort. They thought they would leave Amaya and Kara to make sure none of the enchanted people left town as well. But then they received a message from Svetlana that the Sisters were planning to leave town at midnight and would be taking the enchanted people with them. The group prepared to follow them out of town and attack them once they were far enough away to avoid endangering the rest of the townsfolk. Landon dispatched Cyst to keep an eye on them.

When Cyst reported that the Black Sisters and their entourage were leaving, the heroes packed up and followed them, staying far enough behind to avoid notice while Cyst invisibly followed them from closer range. Cyst reported that the Sisters had eight charmed townsfolk with them. When they stopped to rest, the heroes also rested, allowed by Garrick's keep watch spell to gain full rest without sleeping.

The next morning the group prepared to attack. They flew to the location where the Black Sisters were preparing to break camp. Amaya cast blessing of fervor on their group, and Tahjah cast death ward on herself, Slverleaf, and San'Kari. Silverleaf then cast greater dispel magic on the whole group of townsfolk, dispelling the effect that had made them follow the Sisters. His spell also affected the senior Sister, Leah Anna, but not her two companions Mari and Genah. Tahjah cast holy smite, blinding Genah. San'Kari charged out with the speed granted by Amaya's spell and killed Genah. An instant after she fell, her body vanished and she was replaced by a huge troll.

Silverleaf then cast holy smite on the remaining two Sisters, followed by Tahjah casting forbid action on Mari, which prevented her from casting any spells. Garrick stunned the troll. Silverleaf then summoned a huge fire elemental to attack the troll. His earlier spell had freed the townsfolk from the Sisters' control, and Amaya and Kara beckoned them to move away from the combat.

Mari, who was a druid, attempted to affect those around her with an aura of madness, as San'Kari, Landon, and Garrick were all within reach, but she failed to affect them. Leah Anna then cast greater shout, stunning Landon and deafening everyone else. Silverleaf summoned a spiritual ally to attack her. Landon and Garrick were joined by a battlemind spell, and once Landon recovered from being stunned, the two of them killed the troll. Mari then ran to Leah Anna's side despite being wounded by both San'Kari and Landon, and Leah Anna cast dimension door to escape.

The heroes all took to the air in different directions to search for the fleeing women. It was Landon who discovered their location. As he flew in to attack, Mari transformed into a roc and flew up at him, but he was able to dodge her. He stabbed Leah Anna several times with his dagger of wounding and avoided her attempt to affect him with confusion. Leah Anna tried to run away, but Landon drank a potion of enlarge person to give himself greater reach, after which the roc scooped her up and flew away too swiftly for him to pursue.

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