Sunday, December 23, 2012


Clever and artistic arachnid.  This spider even knows how many legs it has.

Mistletoe's not just for kissing.  As usual, when we investigate, we find that even things we think are bad are really necessary.

Christmas sweaters - ironic or sincere?  To me it doesn't matter - I still won't wear them. 

Saruman sings metal.  I love it that Christopher Lee is still going strong at 90, but I draw the line at listening to him sing metal versions of Christmas favorites.

It's fun time in Krampus town. Seriously, why don't we have parades like this in the US?

What to do when the world doesn't end.  The world didn't come to an end on December 21st.  What will the doomsday prophesiers do now? 

Where have all the trees gone.  Yet more worries for the environment.  When will we get our priorities straight?  What's happening to the trees is far more important than legislating who can marry whom.

The story in the bones.  Our ancient ancestors can be shown to have cared for those who couldn't care for themselves, even if it required them to give up precious resources to individuals who could do little to benefit their societies.  Maybe not always, but often enough that we have hard evidence of it.

But as a contrast to that, this:  Amazing photos of incredibly well preserved Inca mummy.  Yet even this shows that all lives were valued.  What better to sacrifice than your most precious resources?

What shaped the evolution of the human hand?  It might have been violence. But the need to fight, for territory or for mating rights, has shaped many animals.  Why should we be ashamed that it may have shaped us, too?

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