Saturday, December 1, 2012


Copy of lost Da Vinci masterpiece recovered.

Pythons sued over Spamalot royalties.  Some people will do anything for money.

Skyfall fails tech test.  (Warning:  Spoilers)  I notice stuff like that, too.  But it's a movie.  Movies aren't realistic.

UK stand on teaching Creationism.  Can we do this too?

Australia bans cigarette branding.  Wish we could do this, too.  It seems Big Tobacco doesn't have the Australian government in its pocket as it does in the US.

Scientists detect 12 billion year old supernova.  We already have time travel.  It's called astronomy.

Easter Island statue walks

What we can learn from poop

Bendamustine as a treatment for indolent lymphomas.  This is pretty technical, but I still found it of interest since I'm receiving Bendamustine as part of my treatment.

More info about Bendamustine.

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