Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Links, anyone?

Tesla buses charge as they go.  This is just cool. From Discover's 80Beats blog.

North Korean 'archaeologists' discover unicorn lair. "Archaeologists"?  I don't think so.  From the UK Telegraph.

Robot socks. Tweeted by Wil Wheaton @wilw, who has a pair.

Racial stereotyping much? Maybe Disney should monitor manufacturers who put their name on products a little better.  Shared by my husband.

50 Best Cosplay Ever.  Okay, that's probably debatable, but they are pretty awesome.

From the BBC:

Star Wars fans begin joint project to build full-size Millenium Falcon replica.  See, Star Wars fandom isn't just about whether Han shot first.  This is a cool project.  I wish them success. 

New Contender for World's Oldest Known Dinosaur.  

How Companies Test Skyscraper Elevators (video).  Ever since I saw the episode on elevators of The Secret Life of Machines, I've found them interesting.

Ancient Raindrops.  I love science.


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